Feel-Good Home Office

Most of us understand that sitting for 8 hours a day is not beneficial to health.

But the solution is not simply to switch to standing all day either. It’s movement that is good for our health, and the health & happiness of home working teams.

Axiom Director Lisa Bliss says: “At the core of any feel-good home office setup is flexibility, allowing for home workers to mix up the way they work, and switch positions to keep body moving and minds engaged. Healthy people feel their best, find their flow, and deliver their best for the business.”

Returning to the office?

Let us help you reassure your staff that their safety comes first.

We can provide:

  • Clear, easy-to-follow distancing instructions
  • Bespoke risk-assessment plans
  • Welcome Back packs


5 steps to create feel-good home working for your team.


Does your homeworking solution allow workers to fine tune their position throughout the day? Or lock them in to seated only?


If your homeworkers are generally in the unhealthy 90-90-90 position you could help them by considering options that encourage healthy seating.

This may include an open seat angle (like a saddle, that takes the weight off the sit bone), a seated position that mimics our natural sleeping position allowing natural spine support, or core engagement seating that adds movement and requires muscles to stay ‘switched on’.


When based from home it’s easy for workers to adopt unhealthy neck positioning. Smart accessories allow home workers to raise and lower their monitor to ensure that sight gaze is always looking slightly upwards, reducing compression on the neck.


Extend ‘office’ culture to ‘home office’ culture by cultivating good habits throughout remote teams that boost creativity & productivity. This could include snack, change of environment and regular walk breaks.


Working remotely is great for quiet focused activities, but its important to build in a culture of social connectivity too. Both introverts & extroverts will benefit from opportunities to connect, share frustrations, and celebrate victories. This is proven to boost energy and increase solo-work staying power.

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